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Here are some unsolicited PoliWall user stories. If you would like to share your experience or PoliWall tips with us and others, please share below.

The Bandura PoliWall has always been our go to for Geo Blocking. The PoliWall sets on our front end protecting our web and hosting services. We are very restrictive on our Geo blocking only allowing about eleven country’s through.

We also run Solar winds LEM product for logging our environment. LEM was taking the PoliWall and Cisco ASA’s (Sits right behind the Bandura) IP statistics and then running it through its own IP RBL. Everyday LEM would generate a report and we would have anywhere from 5-100 hits from malicious IPs. We really wanted to reduce this but the Cisco ASA is very limited and cumbersome so it wasn’t a great option. So we used the Bandura PoliWall where we created our own blacklist and manually added the IPs every day. This helped but was a grind that no one wanted. Then when Bandura came out with ProACT blacklists it allowed us to streamline this process by importing many third parties IP RBL such as CheckPoint, CINSscore, and other big players that provide public IP lists. Even our SEIM solution from Optiv out of Kansas City we were able to import their custom RBL lists as well. Between all these lists and Geo blocking we now maybe get one malicious IP slip through a month; according to our LEM product. Pretty amazing really. So overhead for us has been cut by 99%.

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