The PoliWall® TIG IP Blocker appliance was recently tested using the BreakingPoint Storm™ to measure product resiliency in the face of massive scale simulated cyber attack from millions of users and hundreds of applications. The three PoliWall models tested were the entry level M10 with a throughput of 100 megabits, the enterprise level G01 for gigabit environments, and the virtual V01 for cloud deployments. (note: M10 and G01 are now the M-Series and X Series)

The PoliWall® TIG baseline tests ran a ‘US Only’ traffic policy (equivalent to loading 12,000 IP ranges in a firewall or router), while blocking 30M IP addresses tied to botnets and malware. Each PoliWall® TIG was tested under exact network traffic conditions in a deployment environment that included routers, firewalls, IDS, and IPS systems. The performance data shows packet latency, packet throughput, TCP connection rate, and resiliency during a SYN Flood DDoS attack.

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