Freedom to Deploy in the Cloud

PoliCloud delivers the power of PoliWall® TIG to network assets, wherever they run. PoliCloud protects dissolved perimeters allowing properties hosted outside your data centers to share security and threat intelligence policy with network architecture.

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Advanced Cloud Technology

PoliCloud integrates with the latest cloud architectures to secure your network assets wherever they run. And seamless integration with BanduraONE Enterprise lets you use the same tools and APIs to protect both your cloud and on-premises applications.

Stop a Country with a Click®

Block IP connections by country with a simple click on a map. Country IP ranges are auto-updated. Easily grant exceptions as granular as a single IP address.

Robust Reporting

PoliCloud uses BanduraONE’s dashboard. View traffic patterns by country and organization, and see which present the biggest threat—then create and print reports.

Block Threats

Bandura works with the most comprehensive and advanced IP threat intelligence providers in the market to identify high-risk connections associated with known malicious IP addresses. Auto-aggregation of threat intelligence from multiple sources, including feeds you own and feeds licensed from Bandura’s partners, is combined with threat information found inside your own network and distributed to all PoliWall® TIG in the system.

Audits Made Easy

Financial, Healthcare, Energy, Retail and other members of the Critical Infrastructure must maintain compliance with numerous government regulations and cyber security guidelines. Audits are made easy with PoliWall® TIG’s graphical interfaces, granular log files and statistics for printable reports. A quick look at a map for easy‐to‐read logs to verify compliance, and the check is in the box.

Mountains of Data in Near Real Time

Threat intelligence companies provide intelligence that must be culled through. There is too much intelligence reported to review so most of it is just ignored. PoliWall® TIG’s auto-threat aggregation consumes the threat intelligence and then automatically blocks the threats. Customers report a reduction of their attack vector by up to 90% ahead of the firewall, and a reduction in overhead of 99%!

Innovative Technology


Protect your dissolved, cloud perimeter in minutes.


Embed a PoliCloud code snippet into your existing website or cloud service. Setup takes a few minutes.


Integrate PoliCloud security policy management with one or more PoliWall appliances via BanduraONE Enterprise, a global management console.

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The Bandura® Advantage


We invented country blocking by literally putting it on the map! Then we gave you the one-screen ability to add exceptions down to a single IP address—inbound and outbound.


PoliWall allows you use as many lists as you want, and using STIX and TAXII, we automate block lists provided by Homeland Security, the FBI, the ISACs and others. We made our platform open as there are many niche threat intelligence products out there and our open API and SDK allow you to use what you already have.


The platform is plug and play ahead of the firewall and can reduce the attack space by up to 90%. Our engineers are security mission focused, give back, and are deep security professionals who create the secure code that matters.

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