ProACT is now part of the Global Management Console

Bandura’s ProACT IP risk-scoring and threat data management engine, is now part of the Global Management Console—combining the global management console with easy-to-use threat aggregation of multiple sources of threat intelligence—commercial threat feeds, open source threat feeds, threat intelligence platforms, and threat information from your own firewalls, SEIMS, IDS, IPS other. It automatically aggregates multiple threat feeds and uses IP reputational analytics to determine risk levels and identify priority threats. This cuts customers’ attack surfaces by up to 90%. ProACT feeds its ‘high-octane’ threat intelligence to PoliWall® TIG(s), which uses it to block threats and stop data leakage in near real-time with virtually zero latency.

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Automated Threat Processing – The Only Viable Strategy

There’s vast amounts of cyber threat data now available. In fact, threat data providers are presently tracking over 10 million known threats.

The problem is that your firewalls can only handle at most 300K of them at a time before bogging down. So your team cherry picks a small number of priority threats and ignores the rest. You are leaving valuable threat intelligence on the cutting room floor! That may have worked in the past, but now we need all the information we can get to protect networks and data—but, we also require automation, as security personnel are in short supply, and even the largest enterprises with a bank of security analysts cannot keep up with the exponential increase in the scale of the threats! Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived and everything has or is getting its own IP address—smart homes and appliances, cars, monitors, traffic signals—and these easily compromised devices are identified as IP threats and end up on threat lists—increasing the lists to tens of millions of IP threats! Only PoliWall Eats It All™ ! PoliWall can take multiple lists of over ten million entries and process and block all of these threats.

The only viable strategy for countering the cyber threat deluge is to automate your threat intelligence. Global Management Console with ProACT delivers the automation you need feeding PoliWall® TIGs to take action on over 100 million IP Threats and over 10 Million domain threats in near real time!

Global Management Console (GMC)

GMC provides single pane-of-glass management of PoliWall® TIG deployments—changing policy on one PoliWall or pushing same policy change to many!

Multi-Feed Aggregation

GMC incorporates ProACT which automatically aggregates threat intelligence data from multiple sources, including customers’ own data, open source feeds, and proprietary, subscription-based feeds from third-party providers. The data is normalized into a single feed containing categorized and prioritized threat intelligence. ProACT feeds a single, risk-scored feed to the PoliWall® TIG for rapid and decisive action.

Machine Learning

PoliWall® TIG can normalize risk-score and category across the many sources of threat intelligence which are real-time updated and processed frictionlessly. It can also learn what countries or organizations provide a higher compromise risk to your network enriching the auto-blocking policy to tighten or loosen the policy based on your network specific risk or business needs.

Intra-Network Threat Feed

The beginnings of highly damaging attacks may already be in your network. GMC’s ProACT can help you root out and neutralize these threats by taking in internal threat information from your firewalls, IDS and IPS devices, SIEM systems, and other resources in your network. ProACT can aggregate that information with 3rd-party threat intelligence to enable more precise threat identification, and deliver the aggregated data to PoliWall® TIG devices.

Easy Integration

GMC deploys on a hypervisor or on a server in your network. Integrates easily with your existing cyber security infrastructure, including all popular perimeter defense systems and internal networking equipment. By integrating ProACT with their existing security infrastructure and information systems, customers can significantly reduce the time it takes their teams to administer and manage their cyber defense resources. ProACT can augment existing systems using a robust REST API.

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