Detect and Take Action Against Cyber Attacks

Firewalls do their job filtering a few hundred thousand threats. But they were not designed to knock down the large swaths of Internet threats hitting networks today-- at least ten million known threats at any given time. PoliWall® TIG processes over 100 Million IP threats and 10 Million domain threats--as well as knocking out the swaths of the Internet you do not do business with and which contain those lurking, unknown threats. PoliWall stops it all before it hits your network. With enterprise-class capabilities in threat data management and IP reputational analytics, our solutions reduce the attack space up to 90% and distil the worldwide threat landscape down to a single, manageable flow of risk-scored and prioritized data. That intelligence, coupled with automated security policy adjustments, lets you take lightning-fast action to block attacks and stop data leaks with virtually no network slowdown.

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Innovations in Cyber Security Automation Significantly Reduce Your Attack Surface

Bandura System's technical innovations let you stop shoveling sand against the cyber attack tide.

Our solutions’ unmatched capabilities in threat data management and dynamic security policies provide the automation that makes it easy for you to manage your cyber defenses effectively and efficiently. The patented innovations in our PoliWall® TIG and BanduraONE™ Enterprise products enable you to detect and take action against cyber attacks and data leakage without slowing down your network.


Innovative & Powerful

Firewalls are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of threats hitting networks. Of the 10 million IP threats identified at any given moment globally, firewalls can only process 50-300K of them before they buckle under the workload and start slowing down the network.

PoliWall® TIG processes over 100 million IP threats and 10 million domain threats from multiple sources, reducing attack surface by up to 90% before the firewall. PoliWall allows the user to control their engagement with and risk exposure to the Internet.

Streamlined & User Friendly

Traditional security systems are complex and time-consuming to manage. Bandura products are plug & play, requiring no network configuration changes. That means they can be up and running in minutes.

All Bandura products include patented, easy-to-use graphical interfaces that streamline security administration and management. For example, users can block all traffic to and from a country or a certain organization by simply clicking on a map. Using industry, government and open-source threat lists is as easy as a check mark in a box—and the adding/deleting rules is dynamic and automated.

Scalable & Flexible

Bandura’s software products can be deployed in an appliance, a hypervisor, or in the Cloud. They can be tailored for various security applications from protecting data centers to embedded in Internet of Things devices.

PoliWall® TIG and PoliCloud allow you to to buy only what you need now, and purchase more capacity as your business grows and your needs change. Our hybrid SaaS model bundles PoliWall and PoliCloud with threat feed(s) and maintenance, with a low monthly cost.


  • The PoliWall® TIG greatly reduces your attack space, blocks IP threats, and stops critical data losses. It’s a bi-directional control point in your network that automatically blocks incoming attacks and stops outbound attempts to steal data.
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  • The BanduraOne Enterprise global management console provides single pane-of-glass visibility, configuration control, and report generation for all your PoliWall® TIG deployments. BanduraOne combines threat intelligence aggregation and risk category/scoring normalization to take action based on your own acceptable level of risk.
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  • PoliCloud™ provides the freedom to host websites, applications, and servers outside datacenters — wherever they are needed — with the same level of security provided at your headquarters location.
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The Bandura® Advantage


We invented country blocking by literally putting it on the map! Then we gave you the one-screen ability to add exceptions down to a single IP address—inbound and outbound.


PoliWall allows you use as many lists as you want, and using STIX and TAXII, we automate block lists provided by Homeland Security, the FBI, the ISACs and others. We made our platform open as there are many niche threat intelligence products out there and our open API and SDK allow you to use what you already have.


The platform is plug and play ahead of the firewall and can reduce the attack space by up to 90%. Our engineers are security mission focused, give back, and are deep security professionals who create the secure code that matters.

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