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Financial Services

Regulatory compliance and asset protection drive security risks and requirements in the Financial Industry. PoliWall® TIG advanced filtering engines address PCI 3.0 and OFAC requirements with a high-degree of precision and automation utilizing real-time IP intelligence aggregated by BanduraONE Enterprise.


HIPAA compliance and electronic records create a security contradiction when multiple IP addresses are authorized to access data that requires stringent protection. BanduraONE Enterprise aggregates internal and external threat intelligence to auto-block connections at line speeds.


A precise industry requires precise security protection with real-time automation to filter known threats and granular exceptions that facilitate relationships with international suppliers, buyers, and facilities. Bandura security technology makes this level of security easy.


Our country relies on the security of our critical energy Infrastructure with cyber-attacks posing the greatest risk for environmental and human safety. User-established risk tolerance levels direct the PoliWall® TIG to take automatic action, blocking threats 24-hours/day, 7-days/week.


With one of the highest costs of data breach per record compromised, education sector remains a top target for hackers stealing education records for identity theft. Bandura plug-and-play technology provides immediate and affordable protection, to save tax dollars.


Network latency, data breach and PCI 3.0 compliance further challenge security for critical IT infrastructure in Retail Industries. The Firewall’s Firewall™ blocks inbound threats and outbound data leakage at line speeds so sales keep flowing with security confidence and regulatory compliance.


Developed and tested with the DoD through TechGuard Security, Bandura understands protection of government infrastructure and way-of-life from nation-state and criminal attackers seeking advantage by data theft. PoliWall® TIG is trusted as a critical part of government security architecture.

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The Bandura® Advantage


We invented country blocking by literally putting it on the map! Then we gave you the one-screen ability to add exceptions down to a single IP address—inbound and outbound.


PoliWall allows you use as many lists as you want, and using STIX and TAXII, we automate block lists provided by Homeland Security, the FBI, the ISACs and others. We made our platform open as there are many niche threat intelligence products out there and our open API and SDK allow you to use what you already have.


The platform is plug and play ahead of the firewall and can reduce the attack space by up to 90%. Our engineers are security mission focused, give back, and are deep security professionals who create the secure code that matters.

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