ST. LOUIS and Baltimore, MD – Bandura®, Inc, a trusted cybersecurity innovator and maker of the fast, automated PoliWall® security shield, today launches BanduraONE™ Enterprise, an application enabling centralized configuration and management of PoliWall/PoliCloud, and adds domain name filtering to PoliWall capability to stop phishing attacks and block ransomware delivered from malicious domains.

The BanduraONE™ global management console can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises and provides single-pane-of-glass management of PoliWall/PoliCloud security deployments. BanduraONE combines ProACT threat aggregation and risk-scoring capability and automated blacklist/whitelist management, to the global management console in ONE application.

PoliWall® adds the filtering of over ten million domain name base threats to its industry leading IP filtering for frictionless threat defenses with superior effectiveness at scale. PoliWall simplifies cybersecurity and reduces the attack surface to mitigate cyber risk.

“Bandura’s technology partners are detecting and analyzing millions of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to identify both IP and domain-based threats. This valuable threat intelligence must be culled down to a few hundred thousand IoCs to be processed by firewalls. PoliWall answers this challenge by detecting and blocking up to 100 million IP threats and 10 million malicious domains—the most robust in the industry,” said Dave Maestas, CTO of Bandura ®, Inc. “Our enterprise customers moving to the cloud were looking for a way to provide PoliWall’s security capability for scalable cloud applications. Our PoliCloud software provides the same no-compromise security as the PoliWall appliance, and Bandura One provides a “single-pane-of-glass” management solution to ensure that both policy and threat information updates are pushed to both PoliCloud and PoliWalls, no matter where they are deployed.”

PoliWall® technology far out scales other cyber products in the marketplace and takes action against the rapidly growing number of IP and Domain threats.

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About Bandura Systems

Bandura®, Inc is a cybersecurity company, maker of the patented PoliWall®, BanduraONE and PoliCloudTM security technologies. PoliWall® enables organizations to control their exposure to the internet by leveraging vast threat intelligence repositories, precision geo-IP blocking and block-list automation to reduce risk ahead of the firewall. PoliWalls open API/SDK allows for seamless integration of TIPs, threat intelligence lists and client device information, to take auto-action in real time against threats. Bandura is the industry leader and innovator of automated and simplified security technologies, which significantly reduce cyber risk and save time and resources. Bandura was established to commercialize security technology developed in part with the U.S. DoD and Bandura’s parent company, TechGuard Security LLC. Visit us at and follow us @bandurasystems.

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