Combined solution reduces cybercrime risks for customers.

ST. LOUIS – September 15, 2016 ‐ Global Velocity Inc., a leading developer of Information‐Centric Security (ICS) solutions, and Bandura, Inc, a pioneer in the automation of threat intelligence identification platforms, today announced the integration of Bandura’s ProACT™ threat detection technology into Global Velocity’s Securio™ platform to create a best‐in‐class solution that helps enterprises protect sensitive data from loss or theft. This combination will help organizations eliminate a leading cause of data breaches: human error. Global Velocity’s Securio products provide real‐time monitoring of sensitive data across an enterprise’s networks, cloud‐based platforms and in the wild, such as the Dark Web. Bandura’s ProACT aggregates IP threat intelligence data from multiple 3rd‐party sources, then automatically assigns IP risk scores and reputation analytics in real‐time. The integration of both solutions will enable organizations to leverage ProACT to monitor outbound data based on geographic destination and aggregated IP address reputation risk scores. This analyzed threat data is then fed to Securio, which immediately alerts users to risks and blocks outbound data based on pre‐defined levels of acceptable risk. The combination of ProACT and Securio enables organizations to prevent their users from unknowingly accessing dangerous websites, and block inbound/outbound data exfiltration activity from high‐risk sites or threatening countries, in real time. The Verizon Enterprise 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) reveals that humans remain the weakest security link. The research finds that phishing remains a prime attack vector: 30 percent of phishing emails are opened — up from 23 percent last year — with a portion of those users then unwittingly opening malicious attachments or tainted links.


Global Velocity Securio with Bandura ProACT is scheduled to be available October 2016.

Executive Quotes

“The integration of the Bandura ProACT and Global Velocity Securio platforms enables our customers to strengthen their security postures without making the installation or management processes more complex. One SKU offers the key features and functionalities of both solutions,” according to Greg Sullivan, Chief Evangelist Officer, Global Velocity. “We support the Global Velocity team for their vision to provide automated and intuitive solutions to the exfiltration of sensitive information. Cyber security solutions are numerous and often in silo’s, making it hard for CIO’s/CISO’s to integrate best in class solutions—so Bandura and Global Velocity made the conscious decision to bring our capabilities together focused on management simplicity and automation—to protect the nation’s critical assets found in each organization,” said Suzanne Magee, Chief Evangelist Officer, Bandura Inc.

About Bandura Inc

Bandura™ is a cyber security software company, maker of the patented PoliWall security appliance, the Firewall’s Firewall™. The PoliWall, using ProACT software is a complete threat intelligence platform which aggregates and risk‐scores multiple sources of threat intelligence, and then takes auto‐action in real time on over 100 million threats ahead of the firewall—realtime blocking bi‐directionally. Bandura, with parent company TechGuard Security LLC, is the industry leader and innovator of automated and simplified security technologies that significantly reduces cyber risk, saves time and resources. Learn more at and follow @bandurasystems.

About Global Velocity

Global Velocity provides extremely fast, accurate, affordable and easy‐to‐use information security solutions that allow companies to protect their most valuable digital assets from loss or misuse, while assisting them in fulfilling compliance, audit and security obligations. Securio is proven next generation cybersecurity software that is scalable and extendable for deployment in both enterprise and cloud environments. Global Velocity is comprised of a world‐class team experienced in designing cybersecurity solutions for U.S. government defense and intelligence operations as well as corporate entities. Learn more at .