Use PoliWall’s GUI to Incorporate Vertical‐Relevant Lists, ISAC Lists, Regulatory lists, and Others

ST. LOUIS (September, 2016) – Bandura, Inc, maker of the PoliWall/ProACT Threat Intelligence Platform, today announces the addition of STIX and TAXII capability to automate the use of industry block lists.

“Adding this automation to the already robust PoliWall/ProACT Threat Intelligence Platform, gives the small to mid‐sized enterprise an essential weapon in the ongoing battle against cyber‐attack and data leakage,” says Brian Peterson, COO/CFO Bandura. “For example, we have a banking customer who is required to block a list of malicious IP addresses provided by the FBI. The customer was putting rules into the firewall by hand to accommodate the frequently updated mandate, which is labor‐intensive and slow. With PoliWall, the customer just opens the block list screen and imports the list(s) they want auto‐updated and auto‐blocked—literally set it and forget it!”

PoliWall/ProACT Threat Intelligence Platform with advanced filtering provides the highest level of automated security without slowing down the network. Beginning with PoliWall’s best in class country blocking with granular exceptions. Bandura added ProACT’s automation of multiple sources of threat intelligence—enriching the intelligence to make it relevant to the customer’s own network. The unified threat feed enters the PoliWall which automatically blocks threats, both inbound and outbound, according to your acceptable level of risk, using an intuitive dial‐up/dial‐down risk management dashboard. ProACT also allows real‐time threat information sharing with other PoliWalls in the network stopping cyber threats in near real‐time at each PoliWall node.

ProACT can run on any machine in a customer’s network, as well as in a public or private cloud, and has an open SDK and rest API for network device integration.

For a live web‐demo, free trial, or more information, please visit us at and follow us on Twitter, @Bandurasystems.