REACT Enhances PoliWall’s Easy‐to‐Use, Automated Threat‐Blocking System

ST. LOUIS (MARCH 24, 2015) – Bandura, Inc, manufacturer of the U.S. Defense‐tested PoliWall cyber security technology, today introduced the REACT™ software product that allows customers to integrate real‐time threat information from their own network into the PoliWall® security appliance, providing a critical element of secure network architecture.

PoliWall is an in‐line appliance (physical or virtual) that works with existing routers and firewalls to stop threats at the perimeter. It quickly reduces the attack surface by blocking inbound and outbound traffic by country with a single click. PoliWall rapidly processes multiple external threat intelligence feeds in near real‐time. REACT adds the integration of threat information from a customer’s internal network into the PoliWall’s advanced filtering engines, providing the fastest, most robust IP threat updating and blocking against spam, malware, DDoS and botnet attacks.

PoliWall with REACT advanced filtering provides the highest level of automated security with no impact on network performance. When PoliWall receives the threat information from REACT, it automatically blocks the threat both inbound and outbound. REACT communicates with all PoliWalls network‐wide and takes action to stop these security threats in near real‐time.

“REACT brings security systems to the next level,” said Dave Maestas, chief technology officer and co‐founder at Bandura. “There are so many security events coming from so many locations in an enterprise network that security engineers can’t analyze and take action fast enough to prevent network breaches. REACT gathers threat intelligence from the firewalls, IDS and security event managers (SIEMs), and feeds it into the PoliWall that then takes immediate action to stop the threat.”

REACT can run on any machine in a customer’s network as well as in a public or private cloud. The software has been developed in a cross‐platform language that allows the code to be run on Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX.

REACT software is available for purchase immediately.