Bandura® Announces Partnership with Webroot® to Offer PoliWall® Customers Most Robust IP Block List Protection Found in a Single Appliance

Baltimore, MD - November 5, 2013 – Bandura, a TechGuard® company, today announces their partnership with Webroot, a leader in cloud-based security intelligence solutions, as part of their ongoing strategy to provide the best dynamic threat-based cyber protection solution available – the PoliWall appliance.

Webroot’s IP reputation service continuously monitors the Internet for malicious IP addresses – botnets, malware, illegal activity, etc. – and provides near real-time updates as new threats are discovered. The PoliWall by Bandura consumes these threat feeds to dynamically enforce access-control policies blocking millions of high-risk IP connections from or to known malicious devices.

“The addition of Webroot to our existing commercial and open-source threat feeds, which include Emerging Threats and Internet Storm Center, strengthens the ability of our PoliWall to block connections to or from devices that have been observed doing malicious things”, said Dave Maestas, CTO of Bandura. “We chose to partner with Webroot because of their global sensor network that feeds activity data into their human-assisted machine-learning analysis systems. Using a combination of both machines and humans allows them to monitor activity of 100’s of millions of IP addresses while still maintaining a very accurate rating of all observed devices.”

“We are excited to announce our OEM partnership with Bandura,” said Scott Merkle, VP of enterprise and OEM sales at Webroot. “The Webroot cloud-based security intelligence network delivers a truly differentiated model for threat intelligence that is superior to static lists or crowd-sourced data. The industry’s leading network security manufacturers, including Bandura, have chosen Webroot as a premier provider of real-time security intelligence to yield a powerful, effective solution for stopping malicious traffic at the network perimeter.”

The PoliWall allows customers to choose their acceptable level of risk for each category of threat monitored by Webroot. Any connection request from an IP address that exceeds the acceptable risk level is blocked. Customers can create multiple acceptable risk policies and bind them to any protected network resources, i.e. web servers, mail servers, web browsing, etc. The reporting dashboard provides instant visibility to identify sources of blocked connections and what devices they are targeting, providing data for customers to make informed policy decisions.

About Bandura, Inc

Bandura is a wholly owned subsidiary of TechGuard Security, LLC who provides trusted and innovative Critical Infrastructure Protection to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Federal agencies, and the US Critical Infrastructure. Bandura is commercializing the PoliWall, an award winning IP blocking appliance, with patent and patent-pending HIPPIE® filters and DCEL™ technologies, used to stop malicious IP traffic at the network edge. The PoliWall blocks inbound and outbound traffic by country and by IP reputation at line speed.

About Webroot

Webroot is bringing the power of software-as-a-service (SaaS) to Internet security worldwide with its suite of Webroot SecureAnywhere® solutions for consumers and businesses, and security intelligence solutions for enterprises and technology partners focused on cyber-security. For more information, visit or call 800.772.9383. Read the Webroot Threat Blog: Follow Webroot on Twitter:

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