UNICOM Engineering’s Manufacturing, Regulatory Certification and Global Logistics Enable Security Company to Accelerate International Rollout of New Appliance

Canton, MA – October 29, 2013 — UNICOM Engineering (formerly NEI), a leading provider of application platforms, deployment solutions and lifecycle support services for software technology developers and OEMs worldwide, today announced that it is providing global expansion and manufacturing services to Bandura, a TechGuard company that provides technologies and services to protect critical networks from cyber attack. UNICOM Engineering is working with Bandura to manufacture and certify a new generation of the company’s award-winning PoliWall® TIG appliance for the international market.

Bandura’s PoliWall® TIG is a network security device that sits between firewalls and edge routers to stop threats at the network perimeter by blocking malicious traffic. The PoliWall rapidly determines the country of origin and IP reputation for all incoming packets using HIPPIE® (High-speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection Engine) and DCEL™ (Dynamically Compiled Exception Lists) technology. Packets are filtered according to customer-defined policies and unique exceptions that are bound to resource groups for specific network addresses and protocols.

Having already achieved success in the U.S. market, Bandura decided to expand internationally with a next-generation version of the PoliWall® TIG product. This required a faster appliance with higher throughput, greater availability, and a smaller footprint. Given their past connection with UNICOM Engineering, Bandura knew that the company’s proven experience with appliance manufacturing and expertise in international regulation certification could help them achieve their goal. UNICOM Engineering delivered with a pre-integrated solution with global certifications, further accelerating time to market for the product.

“UNICOM Engineering had the platforms we needed to be able to support our new high-throughput product up to 20G per second,” said David Maestas, chief technology officer at Bandura. “The fact that the platforms were already pre-certified for export and for sale in the U.S. was a huge bonus for us.”

UNICOM Engineering provides a broad range of products backed by value-add services to deliver solutions to companies like Bandura. With a comprehensive approach to solution design and application deployment, UNICOM Engineering uses standard technologies to build appliances that meet specific application requirements, accelerate time to market, and reduce total cost of ownership. Throughout the design process, the company considers all aspects of the solution lifecycle, including component life, energy efficiency, and regulatory requirements, among other factors.

“We have partnered with very small companies and very large companies in the past, and feel like UNICOM Engineering offers the best of both worlds,” said Bandura Chief Evangelist Officer Suzanne Magee. “They are big enough that we know we are getting the support we need in the U.S. and global markets, and yet they’re small enough that we get personal attention. It feels like we really matter to UNICOM Engineering.”