Recently, we’ve been doing joint meetings with AIG with the goal of raising awareness about our partnership and its benefits. Last week, we were in New York and yesterday we had a great meeting in Frankfurt. We’re looking forward to meetings later this week in Chicago, London, & Stockholm.

AIG & Bandura Systems

In case you missed it, AIG recently selected Bandura Systems to provide the PoliWall® TIG Blacklist IP blocking and Domain Protection services; and the TechGuard SHIELD™ cyber security awareness training platform (40 courses in 11 languages including a phishing simulator) to qualified* AIG CyberEdge customers. (*Customers that purchase CyberEdge and spend more than $5,000 in premium.)

If you are CyberEdge customer or an AIG broker with CyberEdge customers, we’ve got great news for you!

As part of AIG’s CyberEdge policy, customers get a Bandura Systems B Series (table top) or E Series (rackmount) PoliWall TIG appliance and associated subscription for real-time, threat intelligence feeds; and the TechGuard SHIELD e-learning platform–for free!

That’s right - as part of your policy you gain access to Bandura’s market leading Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) solution at no cost!

Taking advantage of this benefit of your AIG CyberEdge policy is as easy as clicking here.

But we’re sure you have some questions about why you should care and why you should take advantage of this important benefit of your AIG CyberEdge policy.

Threat Intelligence Gateways (TIGs) Are Emerging as Critical Cyber Defense Component

The short of it is that TIGs, like our market leading PoliWall solution, are emerging as critical components of cyber defense and risk reduction. This is validated by a leading insurance provider like AIG offering this service as a key component of its cyber insurance program.

In case you haven’t heard of PoliWall or TIGs, here’s the quick story about the growing importance of these solutions.

The Problem

We won’t bore you with an overview about the massive and growing volume of cyber threats. The threat volume problem is real, and you deal with it every day.

Here’s the good news - today there is a significant volume of threat intelligence that can be used to protect your organizations against cyberattacks preventing exposure to ransomware (i.e. NotPetya, WannaCry, etc.,) and blocking the exfiltration of your data trying to connect to malicious phishing, dark web, ad-click, fraud-click, botnet, and other sites.

Here’s the bad news - existing network security solutions like firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, unified threat management solutions, etc., weren’t built to handle the significant volume of threat indicators that exists today making it hard for organizations to operationalize threat intelligence.

Not being able to leverage and operational threat intelligence contributes to several security challenges organizations are facing. These include:

  • Security gaps that result in an increased attack surface
  • A greater burden on security staff to wade through the noise
  • Overworked security infrastructure

PoliWall TIG to the Rescue

Fortunately, we saw this problem several years ago leading us to pioneer the concept of the Threat Intelligence Gateway with the development of our PoliWall solution.

PoliWall leverages tens of millions of threat indicators (bad IPs and domains) to filter and block threats in real-time with virtually no latency. PoliWall is easy to deploy and manage and complements your existing network security infrastructure sitting in front of the firewall. In fact, in many cases, we find that deploying a PoliWall yields performance improvements to firewalls and IPS by reducing the amount of noise these solutions deal with.

Deploying a PoliWall TIG solution provides several benefits:

  • Reduces your attack surface and cyber risk exposure by leveraging threat intelligence to block massive volumes of known threats in real time on any size enterprise or business network.
  • Enables you to operationalize threat intelligence and black lists (ISACs, DHS AIS) easily and in a low touch manner leveraging PoliWall’s automated capabilities.
  • Massively reduces in alerts freeing up your security staff to focus on higher priority threats.
  • Improves the performance and ROI of your firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.
  • Puts you in compliance with new NIST guidelines to use threat intelligence and automate the use of information sharing feeds (ISAC, DHS, open-source). It also aids with GDPR compliance by acting as both a first line of defense (attack surface reduction) and a last line (reduces risk of data leakage).

For more information on this important benefit in your AIG CyberEdge policy please visit: or feel free to email us at