Here’s how it works—when a computer or network which is identified by its Internet Protocol (IP) address, participates in fraudulent, threatening behavior, it can be posted on a Threat Intelligence List, scored as High-Risk and then blocked by security devices in your network. A firewall can handle about 50,000-100,000 of these IP threats and then it starts to bog down, slow the flow, and then starts allowing risky IP address connections into your network.

But now there are tens of millions of identified IP Threats hitting your network! Enter the Internet of Things (IoT) where refrigerators, traffic cameras, baby monitors, and other consumer devices are controlled via an Internet connection, often through a home’s wireless router. These routers can be easily compromised when user names and passwords are left at defaults such as “password/password”. These millions of devices can be harnessed to participate in bot nets and denial-of-service attacks like the one that took down Twitter!

To protect your network from the onslaught of IoT threats, a PoliWall security appliance (physical or virtual), which can ingest multiple IP Threat Intelligence Lists and process over 100 Million IP threats, can be placed in front of the firewall, reducing the attack surface by up to 90% and letting you block tens of millions of IP addresses on the Threat Intelligence feeds. PoliWall, the Firewall’s Firewall,™ takes the burden off your firewall and other security services, letting them do their jobs more efficiently! PoliWall filters what is coming into your network, and what is going out of the network—the First and Last Line of Defense!

So why wouldn’t you get a PoliWall!! PoliWall is affordable, installs in minutes, and was developed in part with the US Department of Defense and is trusted for use in the most critical networks. Don’t let regulators, auditors, data breaches, or lawsuits catch you off guard—Get PoliWall today—and rest assured!

Suzanne Magee, Chief Evangelist Officer Bandura Systems. . . . from the Firewall-Side!