PoliWall® Products

On premises or in the cloud, your Firewall’s Firewall™ stops threats before they overwhelm your firewall using powerful real-time filtering engines. Easily configure inbound and outbound network filters or exceptions, and let your security team focus on unique threats.

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BanduraONE is a Global Management Console, providing single pane-of-glass visibility and management of a multi-PoliWall/PoliCloud architecture.  BanduraONE includes features from ProACT that provide rapid aggregation of multiple threat intelligence feeds, including internally detected cyber threats, commercial  threat feeds, open source threat intelligence and auto-manages blacklists/whitelists—all combined in ONE application!

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Surprise, It's All Broken Again - The Scale Pivot

To understand what we are currently trying to solve in the cyber security industry it would be helpful to think about where we have been. We need to take a look back at some key points in the last almost 20 years to illustrate the fundamental shifts in the industry...

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Welcome to PoliWall®

The PoliWall actively reduces your attack surface and improves network security using millions of real-time threat indicators.

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What our customers are saying...

  • "Very impressed... I love this thing, it is running great. It’s dropping at least one connection per second. Our firewall logs are now pretty near clean. We are very impressed with the results, and are converting the POC."

    Sr. Director Infrastructure & Security -
    Global Payment Processing Company
  • "All is running great! Honestly, I don’t even think about it much anymore since our firewall hardly ever triggers any intrusion attempts... That’s a major success for us and is saving money (and sleepless nights) for sure."

    CEO - Information Systems Provider for Legal Services Clients
  • "This device is absolutely amazing. Our junk emails are almost nonexistent after 5 days of use. The ability to shield our server from foreign countries not interested in our product is outstanding."

    President - Software Development Company
  • "Quite honestly, from an ROI perspective, it has been an outstanding investment. The PoliWall instantly cut our global footprint and reduced the attack vectors."

    CIO - Regional General Hospital
  • "Our bank purchased the PoliWall® and I was pleased and impressed with the ease of the installation; it was seamless and took about 30 minutes. The support staff at Bandura Systems is responsive to questions and extremely knowledgeable."

    VP of IT - Community Bank

Some awesome companies we partner with...

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Insurance // $49B assets & $220B insurance

The Firewalls’ Firewall

Overwhelmed by increasing threats hitting the network and by manually managing cyber security compliance, this company installed PoliWalls as their Firewalls’ Firewall. The reduction in attack surface immediately improved firewall and network performance while saving time in management and compliance...

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Wholesaler // Small Business

Securing the Perimeter

My wholesale organization is continually trying to secure and harden the perimeters. Our goal was to identify and successfully integrate a cost-effective security appliance and/or service that was effective against a broad spectrum of common security threats while resulting in the least amount of modification to existing network...

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