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The Impact of Configuring IP Access Control Lists (ACLs) on Firewalls & Routers

December 10, 2015

The overwhelming majority of Spam, Malware, and DDoS attacks come from countries outside the United States and from infected machines in global Botnets. Often, the best place to block unwanted IP traffic is at the network perimeter. This is traditionally done with firewalls or routers by implementing large access control lists (ACLs). This whitepaper quantifies […]

PoliWall M10, G01, and V01 Performance Tests

December 10, 2015

The PoliWall IP Blocker appliance was recently tested using the BreakingPoint Stormâ„¢ to measure product resiliency in the face of massive scale simulated cyber attack from millions of users and hundreds of applications. The three PoliWall models tested were the entry level M10 with a throughput of 100 megabits, the enterprise level G01 for gigabit […]

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