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October 22, 2012

BALTIMORE—October 22, 2012 – TechGuard, manufacturer of the PoliWall® NextGen IP country blocker and threat management appliance, announced today that their Pre-Compiled Exception List (PCEL®) large IP block list processing capability is now available as a managed service through a partnership with Emerging Threats, an industry-leading provider of innovative DNS/IP reputation feeds.

TechGuard’s PCEL technology allows real-time processing of block lists with millions of IP addresses, without introducing network latency. Millions of identified threats can be blocked, inbound and outbound, without affecting network performance.

Powered by the latest threat and malware intelligence, the Emerging Threats IQRisk™ Rep List is a managed IP and Domain reputation list containing millions of IP addresses and domains classified into over forty reputation categories, managed and updated hourly in the PoliWall.

With the integration of IQRisk Rep List, PoliWall customers can not only block IP traffic from countries with no legitimate reason to access network resources, they can further reduce the attack space by blocking millions of high-risk IP connections originating from countries that have network access.

“By cutting the noise from needless foreign network traffic at the network edge, the workload on routers, firewalls, and IDS/IPS systems is reduced−not only making these systems more effective at stopping attacks−but also reducing the volume of log files system administrators must monitor and analyze. The new vendor partnership with EmergingThreats will give PoliWall customers unprecedented perimeter security protection against botnets, malware, and DDoS attacks”, said Dave Maestas, CTO of TechGuard.

With a click on a map, system administrators simply set their allow/deny country policy for incoming and outgoing traffic, assign a risk tolerance threshold for IP reputation filtering, and then monitor the impact of these policies on the reporting dashboard.

“We are pleased that TechGuard has chosen our IQRisk Rep List to integrate into their innovative PoliWall solution to deliver a cost-effective and easy to integrate IP reputation list that protects their customers against malicious IP addresses and domains originating anywhere in the world. Our IQRisk Rep List is the most comprehensive and up-to-date IP reputation list on the market today that is derived from years of research, history, and analysis,” said Ken Gramley, CEO of Emerging Threats.

The PoliWall reporting tool tracks dropped/allowed connections by country and by IP reputation list so systems administrators have access to specific IP intelligence and traffic flows to make the best policy decisions—providing return-on-investment statistics for managers and compliance officers.

The PoliWall’s High-Speed IP Packet Inspection Engine (HIPPIE®) filters stateful traffic to achieve near zero latency while maintaining high throughput and TCP connection rates for IPV4 and IPV6 traffic.

Update: See the interview of HIPPIE inventor and TechGuard CTO Dave Maestas in the St. Louis Business Journal.

TechGuard Security® provides Critical Infrastructure Protection to the Department of Defense, Federal agencies; and financial, healthcare, retail, energy and manufacturing sector clients. The PoliWall is Common Criteria, EAL4+, and IPV6 certified. For additional information please visit

Emerging Threats is a world-leading provider of open source and commercial threat and malware intelligence. Founded in 2003 as a cyber security research community, Emerging Threats has become the de facto standard in network-based malware threat detection. The company’s ETOpen Ruleset, ETPro™ Ruleset, and IQRisk™ suite of threat intelligence are platform agnostic for easy integration with Suricata, SNORT®, and other network intrusion protection and detection systems. With ETPro Ruleset, organizations can achieve the highest standards of malicious threat detection with world-class support and research for extended vulnerability coverage. ETPro Ruleset is ideal for enterprises, governments agencies, financial institutions, SMBs, higher education, and service providers. For more information, please visit http://

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