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PoliWall® Garners Progressive Grocer Tech Innovation Award

January 29, 2013

Laurel Grocery, vendor and wholesale company, credits PoliWall with immediate and quantifiable reduction in probing attempts, “Brute Force,” DDoS attacks and overall threat exposure by over 75% on first day of implementation.

Baltimore – January 29, 2013TechGuard Security®, a provider of proven technologies and services that protect critical networks from cyber attack, today announces that Laurel Grocery Company’s implementation of the TechGuard PoliWall security appliance, has won the Progressive Grocer Tech Innovation Award. Progressive Grocer presents four awards annually to food retailers in recognition of an outstanding technology implementation that overcomes challenges, is innovative, produces verifiable results and achieves specified business goals during a calendar year.

“We found the PoliWall through an online search after frustration with expensive, labor-intensive IP blocking options which required firewall or router replacement. The PoliWall seemed too good to be true! We got the free eval unit and quickly learned first-hand that the PoliWall was seamless to install into our existing infrastructure, and totally transparent to the end user,” said James Wilder, VP of Laurel Grocery IT “The return on investment far exceeded our expectations and the return continues to impact our numbers by the over 60% in reduction of hours spent in monitoring and proactively addressing potential security threats. We can track dropped/allowed connections by country, monitor where any data leaving our network is headed, and get specific IP intelligence on out-of-compliance traffic flows. This is one of the most effective and innovative products I’ve ever had the pleasure of installing. This Company along with its appliance, truly represents best-in-class in every aspect.”

“We are honored to have the Laurel Grocery implementation of PoliWall win this award. Plug and Play has always been the goal with PoliWall– an appliance that takes action for you and is “hands free!” This award validates the power of PoliWall to secure networks, with virtually no latency and little/no change to existing security architectures,” said Suzanne Magee, TechGuard CEO. “You can have hands-free, plug and play, PoliWall protection today!”.

About PoliWall:

  • PoliWall can be deployed as an appliance, in the Cloud, or as a managed solution.
  • Proven PoliWall Security capabilities include: click country-blocking, IP Reputation list processing with millions of entries—with virtually no latency–exceptions of white list/black list, QOS, ingress/egress filtering, bandwidth prioritization/DDOS protection
  • PoliWall rapidly reduces the attack space with High-Speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection Engines (HIPPIE®)
  • Scalable pricing model to fit business/budget needs from 10 Mb to 10 GB throughput.
  • HIPPIE and PCEL algorithms are optimized for memory and CPU utilization
  • Provides rapid throughput, low CPU
  • Virtual appliance easily deployed on hypervisors
  • All security and management features fully support IPv6
  • SNMP data and MRTG graphs provide visualization of network statistics and trend analysis for traffic to and from all countries.

Government and Defense Industrial Base customers– Poliwall is on the GSA schedule, is Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified, FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant and available in10 Mb to 10 GB throughput devices.

About TechGuard®

TechGuard Security, founded in February 2000 in direct response to Presidential Decision Directive 63, provides trusted and innovative Critical Infrastructure Protection to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Federal agencies, and the US Critical Infrastructure. TechGuardians® research, develop, and rapidly prototype, cutting-edge security technologies, including the patent and patent-pending PoliWall® with HIPPIE® and PCELs® technologies; and provide expert consulting services. PoliWall is marketed under Bandura, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of TechGuard Security. Please contact or for more information about the PoliWall appliance or value-added reseller opportunities.

TechGuard® is a certified women-owned business enterprise. For additional information please visit and follow us on twitter @poliwall.

About Laurel Grocery

Laurel Grocery Company, a family-owned business, has been serving independent grocers for over 90 years. Laurel Grocery Company provides 23000 items through its Merchandising program; provides a robust Retail Accounting program, and provides a complete Insurance and Financial Services program. For more information Laurel and their award-winning technology innovation, please visit

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Progressive Grocer has served as the voice of the retail food industry for nearly 90 years, Progressive Grocer’s core audience targets top management at headquarters and key decision makers at store-level. From chain supermarkets to regional and local independent grocers, supercenters, wholesaler distributors, manufacturers and other supply chain trading partners, readers rely on PG for its authoritative, comprehensive, relevant, research-based editorial content and need-to-know news. For more information, please visit

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