Bandura Systems ProACT

Aggregate multiple IP threat intelligence sources, including your own network, for intelligent risk-scoring to PoliWall for auto-blocking of real-time threats as per company policy.

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Aggregate Feeds, Score Risks, and Automate Action

At any given moment there are over 10 million recognized IP threats. Your security team painstakingly weeds through an overwhelming abundance of “actionable threat intelligence” to determine the true risk, then manually manages firewall rules and policies based on the top priorities of today. ProACT™ automates that effort by aggregating threat intelligence feeds with threat data from your own network, analyzing risks and assigning intelligent risk-scores based on aggregated IP reputation. In near real-time, this aggregated and analyzed threat data is fed to a PoliWall™, which takes immediate action to block threats bi-directionally based on your own defined level of acceptable risk! ProACT server provides the automated intelligence required for automating policy-based cyber security.


Easy Integration for Precise Automation

ProACT integrates with existing information systems via a robust REST API, significantly reducing security management time. Every IP threat is analyzed by cross-referencing data sources with a high degree of precision. ProACT’s risk-scored threat information automatically feeds into PoliWall, the Firewall’s Firewall™ where real-time action stops cyber threats and data leakage. PoliWall provides policy-based security automation – you set the policy, ProAct feeds real-time data, and PoliWall takes immediate action based on your security policy.


Add Intra-Network Threat Intelligence

ProACT™ automates aggregation of IP threat intelligence data from multiple 3rd-party sources and intelligently assigns IP risk scores based on compiled data and IP reputation analytics. In addition, internal threat information from firewalls, IDS, and SIEM is aggregated with the external threat feeds for precision threat analysis and identification. ProACT™ then feeds the aggregated and rated risk data to the PoliWall™ for near real-time blocking of malicious connections at the perimeter of your network.


Intelligent Risk Analysis and Rating

ProACT™ automatically assesses risk in real time based on the changing regional and organizational threat activity associated with your enterprise network. Real-time assessment alleviates the risk of blocking or allowing outdated or re-assigned IP addresses. In a world of constantly changing risk intelligence, the Powerful ProACT aggregation engine cross-references data sources and analyzes threats, factoring your own network intelligence and network access patterns to differentiate between normal business activity and anomalies which may signal risk and further evaluation before that data exchange is allowed to proceed. ProACT assists your security engineering team and suppliments existing information management systems to automate the real-time processing of threat data so that your security team can focus on those threats requiring special attention.

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