Action-Bound IP Threat Aggregation

ProAct™ aggregates multiple IP threat intelligence sources including your own network. The culminated data auto-syncs with PoliWall™ which takes real-time action to block threats.

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Advanced Aggregation to Automate Actionable Intelligence

With over 10 million recognized IP threats at any given time, we know your world™. Your security team painstakingly weeds through an overwhelming abundance of “actionable threat intelligence” to manually manage firewall rules and risk policies based on today’s top priorities. ProAct™ solves this challenge by aggregating multiple threat feeds and intelligently determining risk-levels. This data directly feeds to PoliWall which takes real-time action to block threats based on company security policies. ProAct™ automates mundane and tedious security activities associated with known threats so your security team can focus on the threats that require human identification and intervention.

ProAct Features

Multi-Feed Aggregation

ProAct(™) aggregates IP threat intelligence data from multiple 3rd-party sources and intelligently assigns IP risk scores based on the compiled data and IP reputation analytics in real-time through a fully automated process.

Intra-Network Threat Feed

Internal threat information from firewalls, IDS, and SIEMs can be used to automatically block malicious connections at your network perimeter as ProAct™ feeds real-time threat data to the PoliWall™ advanced filtering engines.

Intelligent IP Risk Scoring

ProAct™ adjusts IP risk scores based on country and AS (autonomous system) organization name. Multiple threat feeds all score the same IP threat differently or not at all, and ProAct™ alleviates the disparity so that you can take appropriate action.

Risk Assessment

ProAct™ automatically assesses risk for all countries and organizations based on current network conditions. Real-time assessment alleviates risks associated with outdated or re-assigned IP addresses.

Easy Integration

ProACT integrates with existing information systems via a robust REST API enhancing existing systems and significantly reducing security management challenges.

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