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Reduce your attack surface with the Firewall’s Firewall and stop critical data loss to comply with industry regulations and security best practice.

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High Number of Threats – No Network Slowdown

Firewalls are overwhelmed with the amount of threats hitting the network. Of the 10 million IP threats identified at any given moment globally, firewalls can only process 50-100 thousand of those threats before the network is slowed down–choked. PoliWall processes over 100 million IP threats from multiple sources ahead of the firewall, dropping up to 90% of threats before they hit the firewall.

Easy to Use: Minutes to Install and Quick ROI

Current security systems are complex and labor-intensive. PoliWall is plug-and-play, with no network configuration change required and can be up and running in minutes. Patented, easy-to-use graphical interfaces allow country blocking with a click on a map and allow selection of your own acceptable level of risk per threat category using easy slider controls. Auto-aggregation of threat intelligence from multiple sources, including feeds you own and feeds licensed from Bandura’s partners, is combined with threat information found inside your own network and distributed to all PoliWalls in the system. Opt-in, real-time sanitized threat info-sharing is possible with ProACT add-on.

Saves Time/Reduces Risk

PoliWall auto-updates in near real time, and auto-blocks the threats bi-directionally according to your own acceptable level of risk. Threat intelligence companies provide “actionable intelligence”—meaning someone has to cull through the information and then make entries into firewalls or other devices to stop the threat. There is too much actionable intelligence—too many firewall incident reports to review, most of which are just noise and ignored. PoliWall’s auto-threat aggregation consumes the threat intelligence and then, automatically blocks the threat inbound and outbound–stopping the noise and reducing the attack vector by up to 90% ahead of the firewall as reported by customers. IP Threat intelligence is auto-updated in real time and auto-blocking is done according to your unique risk policy easily set in the PoliWall.

Easy to Purchase

As a software product deployed in an appliance or in the Cloud, PoliWall™ can be tailored for the Internet of Things. PoliWall has five models and is sold by throughput requirement of 100 meg to 10 Gig. PoliWall has buy-what-you-need and throughput increase flexibility, as your business needs change. Our hybrid SaaS model bundles PoliWall with threat feed and maintenance, with easy monthly payments and a low cost of entry.

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