The First and Last Line of Cyber Defense

Reduce your attack surface with the Firewall’s Firewall; attackers can’t touch what they can’t reach. At the same time, stop critical data loss for regulatory compliance and security best practice.

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Set it and Forget it! Easy to install, Easy to use

The PoliWall in-line appliance reduces noise at the network perimeter, decreasing workloads of systems deeper inside the network, making routers, firewalls, and IPS/IDS more effective. As a transparent bridging appliance, Poliwall typically installs between the firewall and the border router, requiring no changes to your existing network configuration. Simple policy-based setup helps keep your “good stuff” in and their “bad stuff” out of your network while accommodating specific business needs and facilitating regulatory compliance.

Poliwall Features

Block Countries

Block inbound and/or outbound IP ranges by country with a simple click on a map. Country IP ranges are auto-updated. Easily grant exceptions as granular as a single IP address.

Block Threats

Threat feeds and IP reputation data auto-update to ensure protection against the latest threats. Block inbound intrusion attempts and protect sensitive data from leaving your network. Throttle bandwidth by country to counter DDoS attacks.

Improve Network Performance

Protect against millions of IP threats without adding network latency. Stopping threats BEFORE they get to your firewall and IDS lets these devices operate more effectively, keeping your network open-for-business.

Reduce Management Time

Users report as much as a 92% reduction in traffic hitting their network and estimate a 50% reduction in help desk tickets. This has resulted in a 60% percent reduction in time required to manage security policies.

Act On Aggregated Threat Feeds

Multiple threat intelligence feeds can be automatically aggregated for instant action against new threats, long before traditional manual processes could even receive and review the threat updates.

Robust Reporting

Poliwall easily integrates with any Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for real-time reporting of threat activity so you can instantly visualize how changes in settings, policies, or preferences affect network traffic at any point in time.

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