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Message from our CEO

Protection of Critical IT Infrastructure

In early 2000, Suzanne Magee, an experienced entrepreneur, recognized a growing need for security and privacy of computer communications in light of the federal government going paperless, and enterprises racing for presence on the ubiquitous Internet. The benefits of the Internet were embraced by organizations with no thought of the vulnerabilities created by unprotected electronic access. Andrea Johnson, former computer engineer for the Boeing Company, agreed, and together they founded TechGuard Security in direct response to Presidential Decision Directive 63 to secure the US Critical Infrastructure.

Listen to Suzanne Magee’s profile interview on KMOX.

Over 15 years of mission-critical cyber-security support for the Federal government, Suzanne asked the critical question upon which Bandura is built: How can Advanced Protection of Network Security be easier to manage and maintain despite the ever-changing environment of threats? The Firewall’s Firewall™ was co-developed with the Department of Defense, and since spun off as the foundation for Bandura Systems.

Today, Bandura’s PoliWall™ is the industry leader for automated action against inbound attacks and outbound data loss. As opposed to security remaining a game of catch-up, Bandura Systems aggregate multiple threat feeds, intelligently assign risk scores, and feed this data to perimeter security devices (PoliWalls) so that immediate action can be taken against known risks at line speeds with negligible impact on network latency.

All Bandura technologies align with the same core question Suzanne asked at TechGuard, and many patented technologies allow for easier management of automated security policies. For example, we were the first to allow you to do IP geo-blocking by clicking a country on a map. With a simple slidebar you can adjust your risk tolerance for a variety of threat intelligence categories. You can easily make the most granular IP exceptions to security rules and trust that your perimeter security is automated to take action in accordance with the rules you have established including processing as many as 200 million IP rules at line speeds.

Network security will continue to be an enormous challenge for digitized businesses of today, but Advanced Protection of YOUR World is much easier with Bandura. That’s our mission, let us show you how.

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