We put
Country Blocking 
on the map

 We pioneered easy-to-use graphical interfaces for security management.  Today, you can block inbound or outbound traffic by country with a simple click on a map, and make granular exceptions for unique business needs.

100 Million IP threats
in real-time

At any given moment, there are over 10 million identified threats on the internet.  Firewalls handle tens of thousands, while PoliWall defends against 100 million in real time as the Firewall’s Firewall. Advanced Protection – ahead of the firewall, ahead of the hacker, ahead of the threat!


for YOUR world

Bandura’s ProACT is the industry leader in rapid aggregation of multiple threat intelligence feeds, including internally detected cyber threats. PoliWall security platforms subscribe to ProACT to take auto-action against inbound threats and outbound data loss.

PoliWall Appliance

On premises or in the cloud, your Firewall’s Firewall stops threats before they overwhelm your firewall using powerful real-time filtering engines. Easily configure inbound and outbound network filters or exceptions, and let your security team focus on unique threats.

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ProACT Server

Real-time aggregation of threat intelligence detected by firewalls, IDS, or security event managers. The Poliwall subscribes to this feed, instantly blocking inbound or outbound connections from newly identified threats.

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Ahead of the Firewall Whitepaper

A new type of cyber defense uses IP threat intelligence to address the shortcomings of firewalls and intrusion detections systems, protecting security assets and making staff more productive while stopping threats as they emerge.

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"The Poliwall actively reduces your attack surface, improves network security and provides real-time threat intelligence."

— Charles Kolodgy: Research Vice President, JDC & Former NSA Manager

Insurance Industry Company

$49B assets & $220B insurance

Overwhelmed by increasing threats hitting the network, and by manually managing cyber security compliance, this company installed PoliWalls as their Firewalls’ Firewall.  The reduction in attack surface immediately improved firewall and network performance while saving time in management and compliance. The bi-directional filtering addressed outbound filtering requirements of PCI 3.0 and OFAC regulations.  Read the full case study to see why they nominated PoliWall for the 2013 CSO Magazine Innovation Award.

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